Sterling Silver Baby Bangle plated in 18ct Gold.
Celebrate Christenings with Keepsakes that Sparkle
At Baby Bangles, we go beyond the ordinary christening gift. We curate a collection of exquisite 9ct gold bangles alongside gleaming sterling silver, rose gold, and even opulent gold-plated options. Each bangle transforms into a blank canvas for your affection, ready to be personalised with heartfelt engravings.
Birthstones for Every Blessing
Add a touch of celestial magic with our baby-bangle birthstones. Choose a gem that reflects the little one’s birth month, or one that carries a special meaning close to your heart. This thoughtful detail ensures your gift is as unique and precious as the child it celebrates.
More Than Just a Bangle, a Treasured Keepsake
Our personalised baby bangles aren’t just adornments; they’re handcrafted vessels of love and faith, destined to become cherished heirlooms. We offer prompt delivery, so you can be part of crafting those beautiful memories that will forever mark this momentous occasion.

Gold Plated Baby Bangles